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In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine the Internet without the possibility of file sharing and torrents, which make this operation real, fast and convenient. The files are transferred directly from computer to computer, and the download is limited only by the speed of the services offered by the provider. People all over the world share useful content by using a search tracker. But what to do if the website is blocked or unavailable for technical reasons? Is it possible to find the distribution participants without the tracker?

DHT network and torrent sharing

There are certain protocols, which allow the torrent clients to find each other without resorting to a tracker. One of them is DHT (Distributed hash table). Clients connected to it form a network where they can easily find the participants in the same distributions.

DHT network technology has many advantages, for example:

To benefit from this system, it is enough to install one of the torrent clients supporting DHT, make changes to the settings and leave the computer on. Both you and your peers will be able to enjoy the direct exchange of large files.

Another benefit of the system is that if the file is not protected with a special private key, you will be able to download torrents without registration.

Participant lists can be exchanged via PEX, which is available to the users already connected to the network. Please note that PEX is only an extended protocol and can’t be used on its own.

Besides, if you use DHT and torrent client, your rating on the website will not be taken into account, as the files will be downloaded bypassing the server.

How to connect and run DHT protocol?

First, you need to install the torrent client that supports this protocol (for example, Mainline, uTorrent, KTorrent, Deluge, BitSpirit, Transmission, BitComet or any analog). After that, to search torrents, you need to check a few boxes in the program settings:

Some trackers don’t support DHT protocol. However, our unique torrent website cares about its users. Here you can not only find the torrents online, but also exchange them via DHT network directly between the users. We support the creation of an overall network, where the torrent search will be easier, and a file sharing process- more accessible.

To start downloading via DHT, you just need to find the distributed hash, which is located in the Magnet link or integrated into the torrent file. In uTorrent, the link will look like this: magnet:?xt=urn:btih (however, in other programs, Magnet will look a bit different). This is followed by approximately 32 numbers and letters – this is hash.

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